PSA Behenchara

What Behenchara stands for, needs not much explaining. But if it must be stated, then we stand for feminism, minorities and all victims of unnecessary discrimination, but primarily, feminism/womxn. Not saying that discrimination is necessary in other regards, but if we were to choose a winner in a national spelling bee between a little girl and an axe murderer, then you best believe we would discriminate against the axe murderer.

We at Behenchara do not allow for interference in our production, since Behenchara is in its stages of inception and growth. It is yet to be raised to be a full adult with its own personality. Due to this, there is no position or portion in our magazine that is up for grabs for anyone. We, the two womxn that run Behenchara, are solely responsible for the messages that get across and are very nitpick-y about what goes in and what doesn’t. Maybe (and this is probably just us being nice), when Behenchara grows a strong backbone, we might allow for outside interference, but until then, it remains unadulterated.

We owe favours to no-one. We neither seek nor shun controversy, unless it’s overly spiteful. We don’t carry advertising (a deliberate policy). We run this magazine ourselves. We do not have financial backers, hidden or otherwise. We feel ourselves to be poor but honourable, because we are independent. We will work on grants, if at all. But we have none, yet. And if we are to ever earn money, it will be for charitable purposes and never from companies or brands or any of that hala balu.

Behenchara is also a magazine, not an instagram page. We are a magazine WITH an instagram page. Please do not just call us an instagram page, it hurts our wee hearts.

Behenchara also does not offer any internships. We have nothing to teach you just yet. We are flattered when you ask us if we would offer you an internship, but we offer no learning experiences just yet. We just started learning ourselves.

Lastly, Behenchara is run solely by us two , Misha and Alina. With help from the trusty people at Odessys (@Official_Odessys on instagram) who manage and run our website because we are daft to certain technological functions. We get help in the form of cover art from contributive artists, who volunteer to make cover art for us. Other than that, all our artwork and posters are designed by ourselves UNLESS stated otherwise.

If you have more concerns, let us know. And please also note that our personal set of beliefs will not interfere with the production and choosing of what gets published and what doesn’t. We are all allowed to have our own beliefs as long as are respecting everyone else’s, unless they’re hateful, prejudiced, harmful or discriminatory. Unless its discrimination against an axe murderer. Then we would hope you hold discriminatory beliefs, as we have already established.

Happy Feminisming,

Alina & Misha