It is hard to be a woman. Even harder to be a young woman, in her transformative years, where the future seems out of reach, but oddly in your face. There are also very little online spaces that solely cater to women in their 20s (a timeline full of sporadic, constant and definite growth/changes) and above.

Behenchara mag caters to a vast set of problems/queries/discussions/opinions/conversations/information that revolves around subject matters ranging from pop culture, social issues, maneuvering life, social awareness, and intersectional feminism.

While navigating our versatile and fast-paced lives becomes more and more complicated, we aim to provide a safe space for growth, education, and support to women as they find their rhythm in life.

Our Team


Misha Ali Farhana

Founder & Editor in Chief


Alina Anjum Ahmed

Co-Founder & Editor in Chief