Dearest Miss Javeria

It has been the longest five months since I saw you so I thought of telling you some ways in which you have made an impeccable difference in my life. Not only have you been an amazing and supportive teacher, but also showed us what a beautiful person you are. When you started teaching us, I was really scared of you, but as time passed you proved to me that I was absolutely wrong and you weren’t at all scary, but the opposite: friendly and warm. From making me realize the importance of community service to supporting me with my initiatives, you were there by my side for everything. Those words had an impact on me that I can’t ever forget or thank you enough for. Being a teacher, your job was to teach us and leave, but for you it was more than that. From kindergarten I have met some wonderful teachers, but none as supportive as you. Furthermore, you also helped me with deeper things because when I saw you pray in school before play rehearsal, I did the same thinking that I should apply from you what I see in my life too. Thank you for everything, Miss Javeria. Words can’t say how much I adore or appreciate you.



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  1. Thank you for sharing my letter and giving me the opportunity to do something for the people who have done so much for me!

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