Vow Of Silence

 Artwork by Fatima Tanvir – @true.conversation on Instagram

By Bakhtawar Azhar

women you filled up the void with caring too much for an undeserving man.

that man who entitles you and your worth.

concealment of the lies

the lies that deteriorate your relationship but you always kept your good face, didn’t you?

it destroys you but you can’t escape it can you?

you sit there, observing and yet you choose to take a vow of silence against his actions.

you are miserable aren’t you?

like berries you rot while treating him with all sweetness he still neglects.

women you weave cinematic plots, expecting a change one day.

you grew a few white hair, your hands trembled on the thought of him and you are too frail to serve him anymore.

you can’t stand up on your own feet, he sweeps you away with his torment.

but you took a vow of silence.

like buddhist you nod your way in life just to please those who mistreat you.

women you can have a life you deserved,

being cocooned and frightened everyday, you took a leap of faith.

all around the trapeze swingers, risking every bit to save an armchair critic.

but like butterflies you can flap your wings and be released from this ongoing agony.

but first let’s first delight him with chai and listen to the wind of change that may persuade you to stand up one day.

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