To fear fate and her sisters By Asra Jafarey


Artwork by Umema Kanwal Hayat


to fear Fate and her Sisters

and Mothers and Daughters

(to suffer to endure to suffer to endure)

to call it love in spite of

a creaking body under fluorescent light

flickering     flickering               creeping


to the Nymphs, a sacrificed lamb

to this earth; blood, tears,

trembling corpses, cities wailing

a man           trying

a Woman               trying harder

(to suffer to endure to suffer to endure)

cross stitched skin

velvet and worn

to rip Yourself open

and watch Your lover mourn

the fallen, the hopeful, the cynical, the forlorn

a split tongue telling two tales;

arms open, off we go

(to suffer to endure to suffer to endure)

all I am is in spite of you

eternally damned, yet so much more



Asra is currently majoring in English at LUMS and writing poetry on Instagram.


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