The digestible synonym — ‘gender equality’ By Zoya Hammad


The validity of the feminist movement has been ridiculed far too many times for a country that ranks third last in the world in terms of gender parity.

Awash with patriarchal influence, many women are afraid to even associate themselves with the word ‘feminist’, hence opting for its more digestible synonym — ‘gender equality’.

Even those with the privileged a wider platform, tend to stay within the guidelines of misogyny when they state that they do not believe in feminism, but do believe in gender equality. This projects onto the easily convinced, media frenzied masses the idea that ‘feminism’ is bad, often resulting in the mockery of fairly sensible feminist ideals as well as in some cases, outright physical violence( as witnessed last year during Aurat March when men attacked the protestors with rocks, sticks and other paraphernalia)

Therefore, it is safe to say that standing by your beliefs when abandoning them could get you more support, is surely an act of feminist resistance and I applaud the women that continue to do so. These are women that are unafraid to partake in difficult conversations, for that is how the world will change; enlightenment and education




Signing off,

A Proud Feminist


Bio: Zoya runs a poetry blog on Instagram @musingsofacentennial and has also just published her first book. In her spare time, she enjoys reading whatever books she comes across.













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