Dear Shifa

I cannot see you, call you, or text you freely right now but I want you to know that I am thinking about you. Stupidity, innocence, decency – all these things lose their meaning when we are to deal with psychopaths. Blind, patriarchal, scary psychopaths! We must never forget even for a single instance that we are women. These tigers are always after us but we cannot let them win. Never!

You have been a great source of positivity in my life. Your big bright smile, your eyes brimming with creativity and your face reflecting the honesty of your soul has been, believe it or not, a great motivation for me. You always say that I have taught you so much but I guess the reality is quite the opposite. Your strength and smile inspire me every day and I thank God for sending you to this world because this planet needed you. I know it’s very difficult to hear such positive things when you are amidst so much chaos and evil but believe me, your presence makes this world a better place every moment. Our hostile surroundings do not allow us to be with each other yet we have been together since forever and I hope it stays the same. I hope we three are able to break these chains of oppression someday and leave all of this behind. I hope I get to see you every day of my life. I hope this Behanchara stays the same among us forever.

Much love,

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