Dearest Mahveen

It has been six whole months since you left me; it feels like a week though, to be honest. All this time has been the hardest because there is not a second when I don’t think about you or miss you. But in the deeper picture, you left me with something beautiful. A precious gift that is everything to me; and worth more than a billion dollars. Before Dr. Naureen made the best decision of making us meet, I thought cancer kids were just cranky ones who hated everyone and everything but you, the jolliest and most fun-loving person proved me wrong. It was a pleasure being your best friend and Aelia Baji. When Sumera Aunty asked the one thing you wanted, you said Aelia Baji. Know what? I am saying the same. Mahveen, you showed me not only the meaning of enjoying life to the fullest but also how to be jolly and beautiful while in so much pain. If only I could turn the clock back and give you one last hug, a forever-lasting one, how nice would that be? I really wish you were here, to be my project’s advisor and CEO. I always miss you and will continue to do so. Have fun being a fairy princess in Jannah. Thank you always for being my best friend—even if for three months. I love and appreciate you more than I can express.



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