Dearest Dr Naureen

These five months have been the longest, especially since I haven’t been able to see you so I thought of telling you about the impeccable difference you made to my life and myself. Before I met you, the thought of becoming a doctor irritated me; why would I become a doctor? Just being admitted in the hospital for two days, though, your amazing personality was able to show me that maybe I was wrong and I wanted to save people’s lives. Before I was struggling so see who I wanted to work with and dedicate myself to, but you also showed me that—kids affected by cancer. Making me meet Mahveen, my best friend with AML, proved that you knew everyone so well and that you had read all those long proposal emails I sent regardless of your sleepless nights. You have been one of the most supportive people in my projects, from inviting me to volunteer at events to meeting me at the hospital. Not only did you inspire me to become a pediatric oncologist and hematologist, like you, but also dedicate myself to cancer patients. Thank you so much for everything. Words can’t describe how much I adore or appreciate you.



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