Dearest Baemisaal

I remember when I first came across your page. I remember feeling heard. Feeling important. Feeling at home. I’ve spent the past year dealing with a lot of trauma and pain and I think it’s safe to say having you around made it bearable. I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how much you and your work mean to me.

Not only are you one of the most beautiful souls I know, you are, also, insanely talented. Your work is pure art. It inspires me to keep going. To love myself for who I am. To learn. To grow. To be. To exist.

I adore the hard work and effort you put into spreading awareness about things people don’t usually address. I adore you. You make me want to be better. You make me want to be kinder to myself. You give me the boost I need to do things I would normally hesitate to do. You’ve taught me to not give a shit about what people think. That their opinions on me and my life are irrelevant. That I’m bigger than what they think of me. That I matter. I matter. I do. And you’ve taught me that.

You’ve always given off a positive aura, no matter how bad you’re feeling. But you’ve also taught me that there’s a balance. You’ve taught me to put myself and my mental health first. I’ve seen you prioritize your happiness and it’s taught me so much.

I cannot even begin to explain what you’ve done for me, B. These past few weeks, it’s been hard to live. But every time I’ve felt like giving up, I’ve thought of what you’d do. How you’d deal. And I’ve powered through.

I hope you’re doing good today. I pray for you every day like I do for my family. And if you’re hurting or going through something, I hope this helps you heal. I hope this reminds you of how special you are. Of how you’ve changed my life. And countless others.

Thank you for being kind. Thank you for being real. Thank you for existing. You are beautiful. You are inspiring. You matter. So much.

I love you, ma. More than words could ever express.



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