Rishta Standards

By: Eliza Masud

Following is an illustration based off of our toxic beauty standards that contribute to the further brutal remarks from the ‘rishtay walay’. And it’s disheartening to see that the modern toxic beauty standards have been given a base through our very own media where an image of a perfect woman is interpreted to be a fair-skinned, well-earning, gharelu aurat who has all the perfect body features. Our movies and tv shows which subject the same ideals in places are making a huge role in this too which has now birthed what we call a part of ‘Pop Culture’.


A wannabe artist, creator and motivational speaker who also aspires to smash the patriarchy, voice the voiceless, sing ode to those who’ve been hiding and brick by brick, save the ones who need saving. I intend to do that through my work; the art, the words, the reminders and the subtle messages of hope. My heartstrings are pulled towards the sensation of mesmerising thoughts verbalised into words and given life through colour and imagination. That is what I try to make others feel when they see what I do. I desire to make them feel seen and heard and thought of and cared for, even in the most worst of times.

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