What habits would you like to leave in quarantine and which which ones would like to take out of it?

We asked 3 different womxn from different walks of life, the same question. The question was: WHAT HABITS WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEAVE IN QUARANTINE AND WHICH ONES WOULD YOU LIKE TO TAKE OUT OF IT?

Here are their answers:


Irtifa is a professor at Forman Christian College University. She also is a crazy lady with hundreds of children and a penchant for mistakes and adventures. She believes life is meaningless without loving and being loved.

Ans: Although the quarantine has sapped me of my ability to think and plan for the future off the top of my head, I can say I will definitely make it a point to travel twice a year and see as much of this beautiful world as I can. We’ve been driving around the city every Sunday and every time we discover something new and fascinating. I would like for us to continue our explorations. Secondly, I have realized it is hard to live with oneself when one is not entirely oneself. When social closeness is safer, I will step into theatre again to try and fix my reflection in the mirror.

Yaleeh Zara

Yaleeh Zara is a 24-year-old who recently joined the corporate sector as a financial Analyst and as you might be thinking, she is definitely regretting every bit of it.

Ans: So for me, quarantine has taught me that peace of mind matters more than all other things and should be a number one priority. So make your decisions accordingly without succumbing to the pressures of whatever one’s current situation is. The next most important thing I have learned is to appreciate the little things that come in your life and count your blessings every day. So I would definitely keep these 2 things with me. And of course the amazing habit of cooking and baking that I would like to continue on with.
Among the things that I would want to leave in quarantine is constant worrying and getting stressed out about the little things. If anything this time has taught us, it’s that life doesn’t go on the way we plan. It’s neither as good as we want it to be nor as bad as we fear it’ll get. There’s always a middle road that it takes, and it’s never the route we had thought it would take. So stress, anxiety, and procrastination are the things that I want to leave in quarantine for good.

Imama Moin Owaisi

Imama is a final year undergrad student of Biotechnology, a Science Communicator working with an organization called Science Fuse and a fashion model.

Ans: Right off the bat, I can say that quarantine has provided me with an opportunity to organize my days better. I, for one, love painting my calendar all shades of busy and curating task lists. Of course, it helps that both my work and my education are of my liking, thus elimination of painfully long hours spent on Lahore’s overcrowded roads has left me with ample time, which I can spend productively. I want to carry this habit of the efficient organization into my otherwise haphazard, pre-quarantine life. I now have time to indulge in skincare! However, all this planning has also allowed room for self-reflection which comes at the cost of your pseudo sense of stability coming under scrutiny. Some things that I would like to leave behind when we resume our way of living are traumas that I am yet to come to terms with or coping mechanisms that are no longer needed or healthy. I would want for all this self-reflection to pave a way for clarity or at least a path towards it.

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