Not Love By Mina Khan

Artwork by Hira Sadiq

I have watched love beckon

And I have watched love loosen

From being a 16 year old girl

To an almost 26 year old woman

All the while I rooted for a toxic dream

To end in a Happily Ever After

In the deep recesses of my heart

Dwelt the endless whispers of I Deserve Better

I used to think it a semblance of normalcy

All the screams and the hurt and the gaslit lot

Today, I may not know what love is

But I know what it’s not


I’m a 25-year old Pakistani girl and when I’m not working as a corporate slave, I’m reading books and writing fiction, savoring the stimulating power of words and of a handmade world where anything is possible.

My insta handle is: mina.mk95

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