My mother says

Art by Zunaira (@ladysethi)

my mother says, I no longer have to learn or practice compromise. that she had endured it all for her daughters. she has a secret drawer of despair. where things turn into weapons. things thrown at her. things she bled in darkness. during day she sews her life together. at night she builds armor for her daughters.

my mother says, her daughters no longer have to pluck flowers for someone else’s canvas. that we should carry thorns with us. she has a secret garden of agony at her back. she waters it with the reservoir she keeps behind her pale eyes for us. she wants us to pick them and keep with ourselves to make the fingers raised against us gnaw.

my mother says, her daughters should be armed with rage. she reiterates, rage should be our dress code. she has a secret dye shop where she dyes our wardrobe with rage. our rage, she insists, should be pigmented. bright and fiery enough to blind the accusing eye.

my mother says, her daughters should never soak their grief in. that our grief should never reside in our hearts for long. that it must take a leave once mourned. that we should pour it out to the skies above to see them shatter in pieces if needed.

my mother says, her way of strengthening her daughters is her small vengeance upon the world that left her hopeless once. she has a secret heart. a slightly broken one. she hides it from her daughters too. its almost barren. she buried it somewhere. but is very crowded. my mother says, a daughter should never worry about her mothers ailing heart as long as her daughter doesn’t have one.

my mother says, a daughter should never worry about anything. as long as her mothers heart beats. or even after it stops.

my mother says, as long as a daughter lives, her mother lives with her.


Aisha Ahmed Aisha reads and writes tragedies that often go unnoticed 


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