Desi Queerness

Hello readers! Every time I greet someone, be it verbally or through writing, the same sense of misplaced words and awkwardness, rushes through me. Do my greetings sound as awkward to you as they do to me? Anyway, welcome to our second issue! Can you believe it? I’m sure you can, a 2nd issue isn’t much of a feat.  Anyway, welcome, welcome, welcome.

Our issue this month is for and by our queer community. We have some absolutely wonderful writings and artwork this time and I’m thrilled to see the combination of both. I’m certain you will enjoy the artwork, especially, as much as I did. A round of applause for all art contributions. Another thing I am super excited to see is the increased flavor in written submissions. We received a variety of writings, from poetry and prose to thoroughly researched articles. That makes the dinner party that Behenchara is, even more delicious.  I would love to see the same trends every month.

Speaking a bit more about the art in our magazine, we had lovely artists design cover photos for the written submissions and they are a whole other genre of beautiful. All artists are credited under the photos, but there will be a separate profile published about them, soon. We are humbled to have such talented people help us make Behenchara greater and better with each month. A very gracious thank you, to Azqa Azim, Zunaira Sethi, Shaza Irfan, and Arisha Ahmed for making the artwork. I will list their Instagrams below for you all to check out.

 Azqa Azim

 Zunaira Sethi

Shaza Irfan

Arisha Ali

Anyway, Pride Mubarak to all and I hope this magazine has done justice to our wonderful queer community. I hope you have found yourselves a bit of a home at our magazine and I hope we can keep providing that warmth to you and everyone else, too.

Lots of love,

Misha Ali Farhana

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