womxn’s mental health during quarantine

Zindagi mein agar kuch ban’na ho, kuch haasil karna ho, kuch jeetna ho … toh hamesha dil ki suno…aur agar dil bhi koi jawab na de toh aankhen band karke apni feminist goddesses ka naam lo…phir dekhna. Har manzil paar kar jaoge, har mushkil aasaan ho jayegi … jeet humari hogi, sirf humari.

Shah Rukh Khan kay ye khoobsoorat alfaaz give me the strength to get through every day as a womxn that has hate, pain, and trauma in every fiber of her being. Kyun? Kyunkay our journey to become the womxn we are today has been catalyzed by things we should never have seen as children, and stagnated by a society that is unwilling to accept our intelligence and autonomy.

Tou kya karein?

Simple. Baat karo!

Lekin baat karna hasn’t always been this easy. In fact, it still isn’t easy, which is why we created this space initially. I remember that I grew up questioning everything: faith, gender, norms, sexuality, power dynamics, but I never had an opportunity to engage in honest dialogue with others that shared my views or were open to listening to new ideas.

To fix this problem, Behenchara wants to create a safe space where all folkx, especially womxn, can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, questions, art, musings, writings, or even music. It was very important to us to attempt to create a space that embodied principles of intersectional feminist thought, and a space that questioned existing power dynamics to create a community that practiced radical inclusion. We know that we are growing every single day and learning from everyone and everything around us. With us grows Behenchara and the ways in which it can facilitate you and your journey. Your support helps us become the best version of Behenchara that we can become.

It is an honour to present the first issue of Behenchara Magazine. This is truly only possible because of Misha, her badass parents who raised her right, and everyone that she has already acknowledged in her note. This magazine is Misha’s calling and the love, sleepless nights, and mehnat she has put into it speak for themselves. Please take out a minute of your time to send good vibes to her so she can continue being the amazing human that she is.

So, dear reader, after I have thoroughly bored you, please remember this: When you read this, you are not just reading or viewing the works of individual contributors. You are here with us, navigating a space that feels necessary but daunting and unfamiliar. You are just as much a part of this as us.

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