Dearest Zendeya

I am Shilpa, 20 years old from Kerala, India.
While I know that many women in my family and across the globe inspire me daily,  you are special to me, on every record.
Zen, you’re one of the most humble, most beautiful people I have ever seen. You top the list of my favorite people every day.
I am one among the many young girls around the world who look up to you for inspiration and are completely charmed by your light, wisdom, beauty, confidence, and for the kind, beautiful soul you are.
I have been terrible at being confident in my own skin and loving myself. Thank you for reminding us time and again how important it is to love ourselves and to put ourselves first
You’re wayyy too wise beyond your years ( like how you always say you’re an old soul trapped in a young body).
You have been a source of inspiration always and more than ever when you proved to be a young woman who stands up not just for herself but for people around too.

I love everything about you and I love you for the kind and giving person that you’re.

Also more love and light to your parents for instilling the sense of giving and selflessness and for shaping the person you are today.
Thanks for taking up the responsibility to spread kindness into the world, knowing that there are many young girls who look up to you.
I love how considerate you are about other people and especially young women, trans women, and women of color, in particular.
Please keep shedding your light and wisdom and stay the kind, beautiful soul that you are.
You’re the person I look up to and aspire to be. 
Maaaaaaaad maaaaad love for you, Zen….*hugs*

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