Freedom by Ezzah Babar



They say unequivocally, 

A woman, on her own, cannot be. 

The world is cruel and unkind. 

So in order to survive, a man, she must find. 

But what about the lady in the white dress?

With her doleful eyes and pale lips. 

All the bruises that she tries to hide. 

And her husband’s infidelity that she fervently denies. 

Every night before bed she weeps. 

For her, every day is monotonous and bleak. 

All her dreams she had to kill. 

Only to look pretty, plaster on a smile and stay still.

I’d much rather be wild and free. 

Head out towards the open sea. 

Go on adventures or read by the window sill. 

Grow herbs in my garden and maybe live up on a hill. 

I’ll read books and my mind I’ll enrich. 

And embrace solitude without a twitch. 

I’d happily travel all by myself in a carriage. 

Than stay in a loveless marriage.


Bio: I am pharmacy student and a feminist with a passion for poetry, books, science and philosophy.

Insta handle: @ezzahwrites

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