Dearest mumma

Since the beginning of time, whenever anyone asked me who is your role model, the first name that comes to my mind is you! All my other friends would be calling out politicians and celebrities and I would always go with the three letter word Maa.


Everyone who knows me today know how passionate I am about women empowerment and I think the reason is because of you. I saw you lifting me up, not just literally, but in all aspects, since the time I was born. When I asked you once, why were you scared when I was born, your answer was not that “oh! no, you’re a girl child” Your answer, instead, was you’re a girl child and I needed to make you stronger than any of the kids to survive in this world.


We’re all somehow like lost souls who need push once in a while and you have been my forever push. I don’t know where I’d be or who I’d be if it wasn’t for you. Right from pushing my little bicycle to pushing me to participate in any competition possible, to pushing me to chase my dreams; you have always been right behind me and made me into a challenge seeker. I can’t thank you enough for inculcating the best quality in me, that makes me “Me”. That’s why after all these years you’re still my only call before any important decision of my life, before an interview, before an exam or before I’m going to do something absolutely crazy. It became a tradition for me, that I had to hear your voice.


Even when it came to taking decisions on my own, you’d tell me the right thing to do and then let me decide what would make me happy. At first I cursed you “how could you leave me alone on my own” “you always helped me take decisions” and you’d say I believe in you, you’re a big girl. I learnt to believe in myself at a very early age and that’s how it brought me to where I am. It wasn’t easy living on my own in a foreign country with no family, no friends, no relatives whatsoever. It wasn’t easy to face all the gazillion goofballs that life keeps throwing at me but I stand tall. This is because of you.


I know you have always empowered me and facilitated every wish and dream of mine. Now, it’s my time. I know how much you loved to travel, to see new places, to learn new things, to have a career and mostly to see your kids in places that you have dreamt of. I want to take you on a girls trip and show the world. I want to help you take a new course, Keane something new. I want to get you all the dresses you love and want. I want you to feel happy and content with the life you have coz you made two beautifully incredible kids ❤️ You should never, I mean, never doubt yourself or feel disappointed. I know how much you sacrificed for us and your career took a toll. We would go out of paper if we start writing about how grateful we are for you. I essentially am the luckiest girl to have a mother like you and it made me realize how the only love that could be this selfless is that of a mother.


Thank you, mummy ❤️

I love you


Yours always,


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