Masculine – Feminine by Eman Ahmed


dard ‘hota’ hai – hoti nahi 

my mother used to correct me 

every time i wept to her 

but i always thought of pain as feminine 

soft but fierce 

manageable but continuous 


one night when my father screamed at me 

louder than the rain that poured outside 

his harsh words met my body and 

my heart raced with his each breath 

that night i stayed up thinking 

what my mother meant when she said 

pain is a man

and so is fear.  


Bio: A feminist. A literature major from Lahore. 

Instagram: @afewmorepagesleft

4 thoughts on “Masculine – Feminine by Eman Ahmed”

  1. This is very strong, Eman. MashaAllah, it is very thoughtprovoking. Short yet profound. ❤️ proud of you.

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