I cannot see you, call you, or text you freely right now but I want you to know that I am thinking about you. Stupidity, innocence, decency – all these things lose their meaning when we are to deal with psychopaths. Blind, patriarchal, scary psychopaths! We must never forget even for a single instance that
For the longest of time, I’ve tried figuring out how anything I do will ever be enough to reciprocate half of what you’ve done for me, or the person you have been.  Perhaps I never can. Maybe down the road I might even let you down because who knows. But penning it down might help
I wanted to begin this letter with something like the following lines: ‘To the woman I will cling to like a crazy monkey throughout my life, or maybe an octopus?’ I don’t know which one clings more strongly. But you get the idea. I have a flash of that image and I cannot help grin.
Since the beginning of time, whenever anyone asked me who is your role model, the first name that comes to my mind is you! All my other friends would be calling out politicians and celebrities and I would always go with the three letter word Maa. Everyone who knows me today know how passionate I am
Its been 5 years plus we have been together as friends, gone through sooooo much. Those two wheeler rides of ours to where not! Me riding the vehicle and you seeing maps navigation. You remember where and all google maps has lead us to and then laughing like hell😂😂 Those, going to shop together and
I am Shilpa, 20 years old from Kerala, India. While I know that many women in my family and across the globe inspire me daily,  you are special to me, on every record. Zen, you’re one of the most humble, most beautiful people I have ever seen. You top the list of my favorite people every