An Ode by Humna Naveed

Artwork by Kehkashan on Instagram

An Ode

Here’s an ode

To your rage

Perceived as dominance 

and “that time of month”

Here’s an ode

Like a love letter

To all those gulped screams 

Sent down into throats

As you drank

Sips of your own anger

Like an ocean inside your mouth

Here’s an ode

to all those

Lips curled to force 

Into a smile

The exhaustive ones

And the unnecessary ones 

Here’s an ode

To head held high

Amidst all the vain

Of being a womxn

In a world

Asking you to

Shrivel down

Here’s an ode.

Poem Submission

Women without Men 

We will be talking about




The ones

Who deserved their fair share

From life

In diamonds

And nothing less

We will be talking



Knitted in abuse

Chaining their lives

And liberations

Written in blood

We will be talking

About these women

Years later

Without men

In books 

And in ocean notes

Like tales 

Need to be sewn

In umbilical cords

Of our future generations.

Short Bio:

My name is Humna Naveed and I am a young architect from Pakistan, currently pursuing a graduate degree in US. 

Other than being an architect, I also write for my poetry page on Instagram and we have grown into a humble community of 900 plus readers. One of my Poems (Women Of Color) was selected in India in 2019 as part of the Global Anthology project, a publication bringing together 100 poets and young artists from around the world.

Here is a social Media link: @humnawrites1


1 thought on “An Ode by Humna Naveed”

  1. Here’s an Ode
    I was drawn to it after seeing the artwork in Twitter by Kehkashan. I must say that the poem is simple yet strong, giving clear message and depicting feelings. Inspite of all sufferings “Head held high”.
    Bravo Humna.
    Kehkashan has also done a marvelous job. My comments on the artwork are already there on twitter.
    Stay blessed.

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